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IMAGE: XO Paper Airplane

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication   Leonardo da Vinci

Seems like every other day I read about some "perfect" paper airplane design on social media, and I hope to see my XO or something like it, only to find some fancy taped-up masterpiece. Don't get me wrong, I've taped, glued and stapled airplanes together every way possible and still do.

That being said, there is no debate, the XO o-wing is the perfect paper airplane design. I could literally fold 60 planes per hour with no tape or scissors, and they would all fly great. The XO is simple and sophisticated.

In any case, the first time I saw an o-wing (annular) paper airplane I was stunned by the shape and flying characteristics. I've never been able to learn the history of the first o-wing design. I would guess Asia, and I've heard rumors it was born at NASA but I believe that's not true. Since there seems to be no agreed upon name for the o-wing, I call mine the XO because of the construction, appearance and I love this design!

ATTENTION - Major fun factor modification discovered. Attach a short piece of fishing line to the top of the o-wing with a staple and see what happens when you sling it. Cool part is that my first field test was at the Aerospace Museum of California.

XO in flight

Spirit Paper Airplane in a circle of stars

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